About us!😛

Two bloggers across the world, joined together to create something amazing!

Meet Evin.

Hi there!. I’m Evin, an Indian tween who loves to read and write! Most of all, I love dogs!!🐕😍 I am a die hard directioner, and I love listening to One direction 🤩 They’re the best band in the whole wide world. And I’m a potterhead too!! (Proud Ravenclaw💙) I’ve watched all the movies more than thrice and I’ve read 3/7 books in the Harry Potter series!! (I’ve also read HP and the cursed child.) I can write with my left hand, but my handwriting won’t be neat😅😂 and I do rollerskating!!

I run 2 blogs on my own, ‘A Curly Sue’s Ramblings’ (lifestyle blog) and ‘A Wanderful Life!’ (travel blog)

Get comfy and grab something to eat, and you’ll be entertained for hours!😊

. Meet Lrose5.

Hi everyone! My name is Lrose5! I love blogging, my family, poetry, snail mail (Which includes wax seals!!), and making new friends! I do croquet too!! You can find my two blogs here: My Cozy Corner and  Lrose5’s poetry.

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