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hey Craxies! It’s Evin here😁

soo…I’m just gonna get straight to the point.

I hate to be doing this….but…. I’m leaving this blog too.

I’m sorry-😥🥺🥺

This blog won’t be deleted, it just stays inactive.



Heyy!! I'm Evin Sparkell - a tween who loves reading, blogging, writing, listening to music and eating chocolate. and oreos.🍫🥪🍕😂 an introvert in real life and an extrovert online! I love making new friends!! I am a die-hard Potterhead + Directioner!! (Proud Ravenclaw💙) I run 2 blogs and contribute to 2 other ones. (links in my gravatar profile) be sure to check them out!💫 Live life to the fullest and have a lovely day! (Btw, my last name is completely made up 😂) and the doggo in my pfp is CocoChan🥰 (Rest in peace coco😭♥♥)

13 thoughts on “goodbye..?

  1. aww that’s really sad but I will miss you, lrose, and your posting! Loved this blog but I understand! blogging can be a lot of work… especially when you have more than two blogs at a time! 😘


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