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Never have I ever collab w/Kaelyn!

Hello Craxies!!! Welcome back to Out in the Randomness~!!! Sorry for not posting last week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

BUT, we were actually planning something, a COLLAB!

With Kaelyn @ Kaelyn’s Life and we are going to be playing……………………..


How this works is basically: we ask each other 10 “NHIE” questions, ex: “Never have I ever eaten a whole pizza by myself” and we answer “I have” or “I have never”

Here are Kaelyn’s Questions (Bold) and Our answers. (Blue and Pink)

1.Never have I ever have gone been to a mountain range.. 

Evin: Not that I know of… I’ve gone hiking! does that count?

Lrose5: Uhh, I have no idea! I’ve gone to the mountains before. Does that count? (laugh if the mountains are a mountain range! XD)

2.Never have I ever eaten only snack foods the whole day…

Evin: I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure I have done that at least once.

Lrose5: Uhh, I have no idea!! XD Maybe once…

3.Never have I ever got stuck up in a tree

Evin: I have never. I’ve climbed a few trees, but I’ve never got stuck.

Lrose5: I have never. I like climbing trees but if I feel stuck, I always find a way down!

4.Never have I ever ridden on a camel 

Evin: I have. it was at a carnival and it was so much fun!

Lrose5: I have never! Sadly…

5.Never have I ever watched a whole season of a TV show in one day..

Evin: What can I say..? Well, I have. I binge-watched season 4 of Alexa and Katie the day it was released in 3 hours.

Lrose5: I have! A few days ago, my sisters and I watched the whole series of Lizzie’s Koala World during rest-time!

6.Never Have I Ever gone whitewater rafting 

Evin: I have never. I want to!

Lrose5: I have never. I have gone tubing in the mountains before!

7.Never Have I Ever pranked my whole family…..

Evin: I don’t think I have. But I definitely will. *evil laugh*

Lrose5: I don’t think so. I have pranked one person at a time before!

8.Never Have I Ever written a letter to a celebrity… 

Evin: I have never. This is an interesting question!

Lrose5: I have never. I don’t think I know a celebrity! I wrote a letter to an author before when I was little, though.

9.Never Have I Ever had a dream with a person you don’t even know that well…

Evin: I always forget my dreams when I wake up, but I have never. probably..

Lrose5: I have no idea! I forget my dreams so I might have… I know I’ve dreamed of imaginary characters.

10. Never Have I ever skipped class

Evin: I have. BUT only if I was gone for either Choir practice, Drama Practice, and other things. I might have done it on purpose sometimes. I think I skipped Math once.

Lrose5: I have never. I’m home-schooled! We take days off.

Well, we hope you guys liked our little game of Never Have I Ever!! Please go check out Kaelyn’s blog and give her a follow!!! Bye!!


Hey y'all!! What's up? Just poppin in to tell you a bit about... me!! I AM A FELLOW HOBBIT!!!!!!!!!! XD Anyway, I love my family and friends, blogging, reading (LOTR and the Hobbit are THE BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!!!! I love Jennifer. A. Nielsen- the Ascendance series, Kotlc, and more!!), The Mandalorian (BABY YODA!!!! XD), drawing (tho i'm not the best... XD), writing (Ok, I'm not your novel or short story writer. I'm your poet! That's what my poetry blog is for), snail mail (Writing letters is SO FUN! Not to mention the wax seals, fancy postage stamps, all the decorating.... I could go on and on), and a lot more stuff. I am part of a collab blog called Living the Blogging Life! I also run a (Free) blog design business!! Well, bye everyone!!!!!!

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