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Corona Dreams

Hey Craxies!! How’s life? ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, a few days ago I had a corona dream. (I think……) It was about bugs. There was this bug. A corona bug to be exact. It was a caterpillar…

It was like those drawings of caterpillars- lots of balls in a line. It was grey with little red things around it. You all know what the covid germ looks like. Lots of those in a line. On the back of the caterpillar it was big and flat.

It had a really weird face on it. Like the face of the dragon on Onward (a movie). Really weird. That was the first weird dream I’ve had in a while.

Anyone else have a covid dream? If so, tell me in the comments!!


Hey y'all!! What's up? Just poppin in to tell you a bit about... me!! I AM A FELLOW HOBBIT!!!!!!!!!! XD Anyway, I love my family and friends, blogging, reading (LOTR and the Hobbit are THE BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!!!! I love Jennifer. A. Nielsen- the Ascendance series, Kotlc, and more!!), The Mandalorian (BABY YODA!!!! XD), drawing (tho i'm not the best... XD), writing (Ok, I'm not your novel or short story writer. I'm your poet! That's what my poetry blog is for), snail mail (Writing letters is SO FUN! Not to mention the wax seals, fancy postage stamps, all the decorating.... I could go on and on), and a lot more stuff. I am part of a collab blog called Living the Blogging Life! I also run a (Free) blog design business!! Well, bye everyone!!!!!!

22 thoughts on “Corona Dreams

  1. Ooh that’s such a weird dream! I’ve definitely had dreams about corona, kind of like where in the dream I knew we’re in the middle of a pandemic… but nothing definitive, if that makes sense.

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  2. I’ve never had a dream like that.. but there was this dream where I was pretending to be a spy and then I got chased by a black dog.
    that was random, but I seemed like I was terrified in that dream.
    This was a great idea for a post!

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