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Expectations Vs. Reality: Homeschooling!!

Hola Craxies!! Today Evin and I are doing an assumptions (expectations) vs reality post! Evin will assume things about homeschooling and I will say if they are right or wrong!! Here we go!

Assumption: Homeschooling is not that exciting because there’s no one else except you.

Reality: Ehh, not really. It’s the school part that is not that exciting. My sisters are there too, but they are not in middle school.
Assumption: You can eat during your lessons , take a break whenever you want and learn in your PJs.

Reality: Not during my lessons. When I do my seatwork, I can take breaks whenever. As long as I finish my school.
Assumption: You only learn the subjects you want to learn. Like, you aren’t forced to learn the subjects you don’t want to learn.

Reality: Sadly no. 
Assumption: You only have like 4 lessons a day? 

Reality: Um right now. Kind of.  I will have more subjects later. My mom is kinda giving me more as the year goes on.
Assumption: you aren’t forced to wake up early in the morning.

Reality: YES!!!!
Assumption: You have to learn on the weekends as well.

Reality: Only on Friday. Saturday is free and Sunday is free.
Assumption: the classes last for an hour or less. 

Reality: Each subject. All together it takes longer than an hour.

Oh wow, well that was fun!!! Are you homeschooled? What is the best and the worst thing about being homeschooled? Let us know in those comments!!!

Until next time,

We have a challenge for you!!! What is the one thing we didn’t use in this post? If you get it right… then.. you get mentioned in our next post!

P.S. I (Evin) did a site revamp today!! do you like it? 😉 also, I won’t be using my bitmoji on this site anymore, since Lrose5 is not using hers AND that this is a collab blog 😀


Heyy!! I'm Evin Sparkell - a tween who loves reading, blogging, writing, listening to music and eating chocolate. and oreos.🍫🥪🍕😂 an introvert in real life and an extrovert online! I love making new friends!! I am a die-hard Potterhead + Directioner!! (Proud Ravenclaw💙) I run 2 blogs and contribute to 2 other ones. (links in my gravatar profile) be sure to check them out!💫 Live life to the fullest and have a lovely day! (Btw, my last name is completely made up 😂) and the doggo in my pfp is CocoChan🥰 (Rest in peace coco😭♥♥)

41 thoughts on “Expectations Vs. Reality: Homeschooling!!

  1. Hmm best thing about being homeschooled🤔 that I don’t have to sit in class forever! That we get done before lunch time! That we can take off school whenever we want! What I dislike about homeschooling now thats easy! I dislike getting up early. I dislike not really having friends. I dislike math a lot. I dislike the fact that if I don’t get up my sis will literally shake me bed🙄😂😂 and you thing you didn’t use in this post was y’alls bitmojis!

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      1. Well, what I do is part homeschooling, and part unschooling, so there’s a bit of a grey area with no name! 😂 We usually just call it worldschooling! 😂😂
        What I do is I use a math and English website called IXL and I usually do 2 math lessons and 1 English lesson in the morning. Sometimes it takes almost the whole morning, and other times it takes less than an hour (for me to do all of my lessons). That’s pretty much all the structured schoolwork I do on a regular basis, but sometimes I do extra things, like, for example, right now I’m taking a chemistry course online. That’s the homeschool part. The unschooled part is basically learning naturally, like when we go to the downtown of Brasov (where we are right now) and just check out the old church and read some signs about when it was built and the history of it.
        Wow, that’s pretty much a whole post I just wrote! 🤣🤣 Sorry for it being so long

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  2. Hello! I’m homeschooled and I LOVE this post! I think my favorite part about homeschooling (besides the fact that I go to a co-op one day a week where all my besties are.) is that I can work on other important things at the same time. Also I can listen to music while doing school. Also I can learn at my own pace and if I need help I can get help from My Mom, Dad, Brothers, or Sister. well I guess that was 4 things but I LOVE homeschooling!!! (also if I get all my school done early I can spend like 4+ hours playing piano, or climbing trees, or listening to music, or reading, or playing on my computer, or blogging!)

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  3. I also understand if people don’t like homeschooling, it’s not for everyone. But I LOVE IT! also there is a lot of assumptions and people believe that all homeschoolers are “Unsocialized” and don’t have any friends. And while that may be true for some, the truth is is that most Homeschoolers have just as many friends if not more than people who go to “Normal” school. We just have to go out and look a little harder. idk. I just hate how people are always asking me how I make friends. or Telling me I’m Unsocialized. I’m not. I have so many great and supportive friends.

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    1. Yeah! I totally agree about the “they’re unsocialized” thing. First off, a hilarious comedian makes a good point about this. In public school, you get in trouble for socializing during class! Haha! Second, how is interacting with kids all the same age learning how to socialize? Do you know how to have deep conversations with adults? Do you know how to treat little kids who don’t make sense a lot of time? What about disabled kids? Do you know how to treat them like a HUMAN BEING!!! Not just a human that got “glitched”? (Seriously, I’ve seen one too many people treat disabled people like that. They just want to be treated like they are normal!!) How many different kinds of people are you socializing with? Third, 90% of homeschoolers I know are WAY more social people than (nearly) all the public schooled kids I know. I don’t know if the kids are just being mean, or if they truly don’t know how to talk (or relate) to homeschoolers. Can any public schoolers give me an idea, cause I truly don’t know.

      While all these points are true (I’ve experienced many of them myself) they aren’t true all across the board. I’ve met many AWESOME public schoolers that know how to socialize with ALL kinds of people and it makes me SO happy!
      I did not write this comment to diss public schoolers or homeschoolers. I was simply raising some questions that I believe should be thought about. Thank you, theperilouspen13, for being the first to bring this up!
      God bless all you lovely people!

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      1. Thanks! Just had to get it off my chest. 😉 Same to you!
        Btw, is your profile pic an Adventures in Oddessey (did I spell that right? Enh.) character? Cause the style of drawing sure does look like it.

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      2. yea! I love all of the original characters! (the ones you mentioned.) Jules is one of my favorites! she and I are so similar. (Teenage Musicians who don’t really fit in. 😂) and yes, you spelled Wooton right. 😂

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  4. Homeschooling is so awesome. I love that I am free to take my classes and study during the weekends and catch up when I’m behind. I love my curriculum (besides horrid math) and being able to study and learn in the comfort of my own home.

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      1. That’s the thing, the beginning of algebra is KINDA fun (kinda), but by the time you get to LETTERS (as in, the alphabet!!!!!!!!!) that have EXPONENTS(!!!!!) I think that’s when it stopped getting bad for me! 😉 Data handling actually is pretty fun…I don’t got much there. 😉 🙂

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  5. Homeschooled 3rd-12th grade. I loved it. I was in public school K-2nd grade. So I can honestly say homeschool was better.
    One thing you didn’t use….this guy: 😂 (hopefully it comes through right. If not I meant the laughing/crying face emoji)

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  6. Wow!! Lrose and Evin!! Great post guys!! Right now, I am still doing online classes for school, but I’m also homeschooled…. so I understand how it feels to be homeschooled😂
    This was super funn!! Right now, I’m in your site…. and I AM AMAZED!! It’s beautiful!! Evinn!!! You are a genius!! I especially love the blog header!!💕💕💕
    Maybe one thing you didn’t use was ‘Lrose’ loll😂😂
    Love, Amy

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  7. As the best part I’d say not having 2h rountrip every single day. However, internet kind of suck and it’s very difficult to concentrate 6h on the screen… surprisingly I prefer to go to school. 😅

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  8. Great post! One (there are a lot, but I’ll list one.) thing I LOVE about homeschooling is that I can go through grades as quickly as I want. Heck, I graduated two years earlier than normal because I could do this. When I was 5, I TAUGHT myself to read. At 7, I did 3 grades in one year! Also, I got to pick most of my curriculums. If one curriculum of math made me SO confused, we’d try another one. (I had so many options!!! Though I was never good at math -there were many tears shed- I was able to adjust my curriculum to how I could best understand it.) One of Evin’s assumptions about not being forced to do certain things was true in some ways, and not true in others. For instance, though I had to do Algebra 1 & 2, I didn’t have to do calculus. Instead, I did financial math. (Which I think is more useful. Not every kid is gonna grow up to be a rocket scientist, so why do they have to do calculus?) My mom said I had to complete 4 (extensive) literature curriculums in high-school. But, I got to pick them. In a way, Evin, you got that one right in my experience.
    Great post guys! Cute blog graphics! I like the idea of a collab blog. 🙂 God bless you guys!

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