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Do you like Oreo’s I do!! How do you eat them? I eat them normally! XD Here are some facts about Oreos:

 It was created March 6, 1912. 

More than 123,000 tons of creme are made each year.

It takes 59 minutes to make an Oreo. 

More than 500 Billion Oreos have been sold.

Enough Oreos have existed to wrap around the earth 381 times. 

Each Oreo contains 90 ridges.

The origin of the name is a mystery.

National Oreo Day is on March 6. 

Don’t you just LOVE Oreos?

Lrose5 Outta Here!!


Hey y'all!! What's up? Just poppin in to tell you a bit about... me!! I AM A FELLOW HOBBIT!!!!!!!!!! XD Anyway, I love my family and friends, blogging, reading (LOTR and the Hobbit are THE BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!!!! I love Jennifer. A. Nielsen- the Ascendance series, Kotlc, and more!!), The Mandalorian (BABY YODA!!!! XD), drawing (tho i'm not the best... XD), writing (Ok, I'm not your novel or short story writer. I'm your poet! That's what my poetry blog is for), snail mail (Writing letters is SO FUN! Not to mention the wax seals, fancy postage stamps, all the decorating.... I could go on and on), and a lot more stuff. I am part of a collab blog called Living the Blogging Life! I also run a (Free) blog design business!! Well, bye everyone!!!!!!

29 thoughts on “Oreos

  1. Eee!!! A minute of appreciation bc you wrote a whole post about OREOS!!!!
    Ahhh ..
    Now gimme the double stuffed Oreos.😋😋😋😋😋🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
    I’ve eaten chocolate dipped Oreos and they are heaven.

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  2. Amazing post!! I looooooooove Oreos. 😍😍😍😍 They’re SO good!!!!! Have you ever tried the green mint ones? Those are wonderful as well. I love almost anything mint flavored! 😜


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